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Established in 2006, APART is a Non-Profit Cultural Organisation devoted to research, exploration and development of projects focused on cultural interaction, collaboration and experimentation in the arts. As a direct result, APART implements a cultural agenda that connects the local and international artistic community with the audiences, inspiring wider public participation in the arts and culture.

APART roots on its network of collaborative partnerships and multinational relationships with other organisations, institutions, embassies, individual artists and professionals, for future planning and development. The founding team consists of an experienced group of art professionals with a rich background in research and implementation of international exhibitions sharing a common goal; to confront issues associated with contemporary societies through a cultural context.


Contemporary art in revival and appreciation of historical locations in Athens.

Athens Intersection Cultural Program was initiated in April 2017 in collaboration with Athens Trigono and the City of Athens. The program aimed to establish the importance of artistic events, as a vital tool for the social re-development of the historical city center of Athens and the empowerment of community participation in the arts. Over a period of 2 years, Athens Intersection implemented 20 exhibitions, 28 visual and sound performances, 20 art installations in store fronts and shops, guided tours and screenings at 39 locations and 8 buildings within the Athens Commercial Triangle. 193 local and international artists and 20 curators participated in the realisation of Athens Intersection's ambitious agenda. Exhibitions and events were developed and hosted within the setting of important historical landmarks of modern Greek architecture ranging from 1860 through the 1930s to the 70s.

In June 2018, Athens Intersection co-organises the 6th International Back to Athens Festival hosting 9 curatorial exhibitions, events and performances with the participation of 75 international artists for 10 days. In June 2019, Athens Intersection provides a 1950's 5-storey building as exhibition space for the 1st Art Athina Summer Popup exhibition. In July 2019, Athens Intersection coordinates Falling Triangles outdoor light installation by Beforelight as a part of This is Athens-Polis, City of Athens pilot programme.

Resides and works in Athens

A collective exhibition

A three-storey house in the heart of Exarcheia in Athens, becomes the field of action for a group of ten artists who explore and transmute their environments as sites of psychic-mental processes and states of affectedness (disorders, traumas, oscillations, modes of recovering and rebalancing etc.), through the use of photography, video and sound. The artists involved in the project all reside and work in Athens. In their fragmented everyday life, they inexorably yield to “multitasking”, in full accord with the dominant socio-economic and behavioral model of their era. Their daily activity is split into diverse forms of production. They live as internal "nomads" moving amidst a closed existential landscape of multiple ever-changing speeds and imploded time. Every once in a while they slow down unexpectedly. They pause, set up their equipment to "document". They abandon the prey for the shade. The selection and arrangement of their works as a unity did not result from topic-based criteria (such as: the city, art in public space, urban culture etc.), but from a purely ergo-centric approach, emerging from the specificity of each individual work of art. All works involve projections on two-dimensional surfaces, forming a mosaic-like overall composition, rich in morphological and contextual qualities, textures, sensitivities, tonal values, degrees of introvertedness/extrovertedness, varying significantly in each project.

Participating artists: Vicky Betsou, Vera Chotzoglou, Taxiarchis Diamantopoulos, Christina Dimakogianni, Gabriella Gerolemou, Yannis Karpouzis, Marietta Kavvadia, Vladimir Necakov, Alfredo Pechuan, Michaelangelo Vlassis-Ziakas.

Lectures and presentations of the artists' work will take place during the exhibition.

Work group: Georg Georgakopoulos, Vicky Betsou, George Harvalias, Dimitris Ginosatis

40 Eressou Str., 10681 Exarcheia, Athens
Opening: Friday, February 28, 19:00
Duration: February 28 – March 13, 2020
Visiting hours: Monday – Friday, 17:00 -21:00 Saturday 12:00 – 16:00
Clean Monday, March 3 / closed

Probably Wonderful AthensIntersection

Historical Athenian locations, a catalyst for Contemporary expression

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Konstantinos Anastasiadis Performance_REMINDERS_Athens Intersection

Performances in Public space

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Art activates Commercial stores and vacancies

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Into Stoas_Athens Intersection

Discovering the City: Athens Walkthrough

Nothing is really Queered, Back to Athens 6 2018

Digital and Interdisciplinary Arts meet at Back to Athens International Festival

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Abandoned space and past narratives become artists' focus

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International Artists meet to expand their global network

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Art Athina explores exhibition opportunities

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BeforeLight_Falling Triangles

Lighting installation revives Athens Commercial Center

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#Offspaces International Research Program

Mapping and developing the independent art system

APART launches the Offspaces International Research Program aimed to study and map independent art practice, art spaces and other artist-run and artist-managed groups. The program's platform promotes the development of cutting edge ideas and experimental projects in art, helping to expand on the international network of innovative art activity and off space initiatives. The objective of this program is to establish a strong foundation that can represent these initiatives and create favourable conditions for the production and accommodation of their projects, and further the development of networks and partnerships among participating members.

SYSTEMS / Independent Artists and Groups in Dialogue was the first panel to trace and document the independent contemporary Greek art scene, discussing methodology, artistic practice, and sustainable development goals. Systems took place in June 2012, at the emblematic Athenian cultural venue CAMP! Contemporary Art Meeting Point.

In 2016, Offspaces International extended its research to new generation artists. The challenging and often restrictive conditions surrounding the emerging creative industry as an outcome of the rapidly changing economy and society, inspired the OFFSPRING Young Artists Program. Open to entry level artists, new art groups and young art professionals, the program encourages mobility and provides opportunities for networking through participation and involvement with national and international art spaces, galleries and cultural organisations. Offspring collaborated with the ArtWall Project Space in Athens, Cheapart Athens, Flat 1 Offspace Vienna, Back to Athens Festival.


Offspring Young Artists Program open for new generation artists and art professionals

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PowerFool Flat1 Vienna Exhibition_ov viewJPG

Young Artists Mobility and Opportunities for international networking

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SYSTEMS Offspaces Panel

SYSTEMS: Independent Artists and Groups in Dialogue

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APART is open for collaboration, partnerships and alliances with Cultural Organisations, institutions, embassies, individual artists and art professionals.

Athens Intersection Cultural Program

Athens Commercial Triangle Program

This is Athens-Polis

Austrian Embassy in Greece

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